EMPIRELINK LOGISTICS CORPORATION deals in import/export business seek the service of an international freight forwarding company that is capable of handling movement of goods over international borders in an efficient manner. The transportation of goods can include different carriers or moving services. Since it is an international transaction, there always will be stringent rules to follow. As a freight forwarding professional will have the necessary knowledge about the international law. We will look into the matters of checking and preparing required documents for customs and insurance requirements, and to ensure your shipment is in compliance with the rules and regulations of destination country. Unlike a customs broker, we as a freight forwarding company handles logistics and movement of the goods.

As a freight forwarding companies usually have a lot of working connections with movers and carriers of all kind. They will be able to provide you with airfreight forwarding, ship freight forwarding or freight trucking service after analyzing your specific requirement.

You can also depend on us for freight distribution service and/or freight consolidation services. Freight distribution is the service of distribution of finished products to different locations.

While you choose an international freight forwarding service, you can rest assured that products are moving in the right direction and in good condition. The service company will have effective tracking (IT enabled systems and EDI or electronic data interchange) systems, which is connected to Internet so that you can easily track the movement in real time. Freight movement through international borders, airports, shipyards by effectively managing the complex customs clearance procedures, arrangement of insurance and assistance in making claims, giving and receiving international payments, etc are the other benefits you get while hiring an international freight forwarding company.

From consolidations and single shipments, dangerous goods, import export shipments, and more, we are dedicated in providing exceptional service to your airfreight needs.

Our ocean freight staff provides the best and most efficient ways possible to oversee your ocean cargo shipments, whether it is full containers, consolidation, break bulk, dangerous goods.

With a team of professionals in the field of inventory management, our warehousing and distribution services offer an effective and reliable solution to your warehousing needs.